Having a diverse workplace brings many obvious benefits. For example, it provides opportunity for more workers, and reduces discrimination. But the advantages of diversity in tech don’t end there. Leveling the playing field for people from all types of backgrounds can bring your business a host of other benefits as well.

Why Does Tech Need More Diversity?

In the world of tech, it’s well-known that workplaces tend to be mostly made up of very specific types of people. It makes sense to be discerning when it comes to skill. But it’s beneficial for companies to be open when it comes to race, gender, and other metrics. Like any other sector, technology can benefit from more women, people of color, people with disabilities, trans and queer people, and diversity in general.

Advantages of Diversity in Tech (picture shows a whiteboard with two people standing in front of it)Some people think that ethics are the main positive aspect of diversity at work. We believe that this alone is reason enough to strive for it. But if you’re looking for additional reasons to make these changes, know that diversity in business also strengthens your company in many other ways. It’s truly a win-win for workers and employers in tech.

Having an open-minded hiring process that aims to give everyone a fair chance is a great starting point. Unlike the stereotype that some paint diversity initiatives as, this doesn’t mean hiring people solely because of their classification. Instead, it means taking action to remove bias from the hiring process. It’s good to keep in mind that bias can be unconscious, and you may not always be aware of it. Actively taking steps to confront it is the best way to get past it.

Once you have a more diverse set of workers, you’re moving towards building a better company culture. You’re also heading for a multitude of other business advantages!

Advantages of Diversity in Tech

1. A bigger talent pool. When you’re hiring someone for a job in tech, you need an expert. An ideal candidate needs to have (or be capable of learning) a very specific skill set. If a tech company rules out large portions of the population, whether intentionally or not, it’s minimizing competitive advantage.

2. Better decision-making. Studies actually show that having a diverse group of people results in better decision-making. In the world of business, a single critical decision can be the difference between success and bankruptcy.Women in Tech (picture shows a blue wallpaper background, with three women of color sitting at a table with laptops)

3. More innovation. When different groups of people work together, the unique viewpoints result in the best ideas from all worlds. There’s evidence to suggest that when tech workers feel that their company supports diversity, there can be an 80% or more increase in innovation.

4. Deeper understanding of customers. It’s pretty unlikely that a company’s user base would only consist of one type of person. But when a workforce is homogeneous, chances are the product or service will not be as relevant to the full customer base.

5. Fewer scandals. No company wants bad PR. When people of different cultural backgrounds are involved, workers can point out potential issues before they reach the general public.

Tech Diversity (picture depicts a woman and two men sitting at an outdoor table at a coffee shop)6. Increased productivity. When people feel included, it frees up their ability to focus and perform at their full capacity.

7. Bigger profits. As a result of the benefits above, inclusive tech companies make more money.

8. Ethics. We consider this one to be the most important of all! While it’s far from the only benefit, morality is still a consideration for many businesses. Just because a business makes money doesn’t mean it can’t also be a force for good. Ensuring that no class of people is unfairly excluded from the workplace is a positive, achievable goal.

Taking Action

A diverse tech workplace may not happen overnight. It starts with the hiring process, and also requires focusing on inclusion during daily work life. But if you put in a little effort, it can give you all of the benefits above and more. Increasing company culture and bottom line at the same time? It may just be the easiest business decision you’ve made yet.

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