VCs take chances every day. Quality doesn’t have to be one of them.

Venture Capitalist QA Testing

QA Testing for Venture Capitalists

Our team has years of experience working with start-ups and growth stage companies. Founder Wes Silverstein and the rest of the Mindful QA team have implemented best-in-class QA processes from the ground up, along with staffing all-star teams.

We can make sure the quality of your web or mobile app investment is in good hands, so you can keep your energy and focus where they belong.

Experience across a vast range of sectors.

You name it, we’ve tested it. From education to health, banking & finance, AI, real estate, information technology, media, entertainment, communication,  games, consumer discretionary, and more, we’ve provided QA testing services for mobile apps & websites in every major sector. We’ve also been listed on over half a dozen “best software testing companies” lists.

Independent in all the right ways.

Because we’re hired separately from developers, our only agenda is the quality of your investment. We won’t hold back when it comes to reporting user experience issues that can make or break your growing company’s ability to thrive.


As the company you’re funding expands, we can scale with you. Whether that means increasing hours during essential milestones, adding resources as the Engineering team grows, or boosting performance testing, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Keeping your investment safe and sound.

As a venture capitalist, the business you’re funding might be working on the next big thing. But if the iOS & Android app or website has bugs, the whole company can collapse before it even gets close to profitability.

Our philosophy for QA goes above and beyond minimum coverage. We know that nothing is more important than leaving your new users with a good impression, with the aim of reducing risk in your investment.

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    Our workers have tested apps and websites for: