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Security Testing ServicesPrevent an attack, instead of dealing with the aftermath. The best time to do security testing is before your customers’ data or financial/health information is accessed. Even a limited breach can end up costing millions of dollars in legal fees and lost revenue.

Grade A Security. We researched over 30 different security testing service providers, and chose the top security testing firm Cobalt to partner with.

Comprehensive security testing. There are many different forms of cyber attacks. Some of the most common include DoS (denial of service), injection, direct object, authentication, cross site scripting (XSS), and more. The security testing team we partner with covers all of these – not just the basics.

Independent in all the right ways. When testers are hired separately from your developers or regular staff, you can rest assured that they won’t be afraid to report all vulnerabilities with your site or app. If you’re looking for full transparency, you’ve come to the right place.

Free quotes. Not sure what the cyber attack terms above mean, or what type of security or penetration testing you need? No judgement here. We’ll walk you through it, and help you figure out the best path for your situation. You’ll get a free customized quote, with no pressure to proceed.

Continuous monitoring. You can continue to feel safe in the future, with ongoing security monitoring services.


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