Remote QA Automation Jobs (QA tester working from home desk chair)

We’re often hiring for remote QA automation jobs. We’re looking for freelance automated QA testers living in America, especially if you have experience working from home. (You can also view our manual tester job description.)

About Us

At Mindful QA, we’re all about making life better for workers and clients alike. Transparency, respect, and being open-minded are more than just words to us. We believe in increasing inclusion in tech, and welcoming clients and workers of all backgrounds.

Everyone at Mindful QA is spread out across the USA, and we communicate with each other and clients through tools like Slack, Zoom, etc.

We see QA as more than just “finding bugs.” Of course, finding bugs is a big part of our work. But we test applications like real users when it comes to layout, workflow, and usability.

Mindful QA also donates 10% of profits to non-profits and causes that we care about, and we’re a carbon neutral company.

Remote QA Automation Job Requirements:

2+ years of experience Java and/or C# (or other popular OOP language like Python, JavaScript, or Ruby)
3+ years of (manual or automated) testing websites and mobile apps (Android and iOS)
✓ Selenium WebDriver and/or Appium experience
Interest in continuing to learn and develop skills further
✓ Experience in keeping clients happy
Bug reporting and test case creation
✓ Time management (since we’re remote, it’s extra important to be on time to client calls)
✓ Ability to provide and adhere to QA estimates
✓ Ability to collaborate with developers, project managers, and other QA testers
✓ Experience working with an Agile QA process
✓ Experience using bug ticket tracking systems (for example, JIRA)
✓ A quiet place to take client calls when necessary

Nice To Have:

✓ Git
✓ Cucumber
✓ Jenkins/Continuous Integration
✓ JMeter and any other performance testing framework/experience
✓ Experience with Detox, Mocha, and/or any other popular automation tools
✓ RESTassured, Postman, WCF, and/or any other API testing tools
✓ Ability to do manual testing services as needed
✓ Access to testing devices (iPhone/Android, tablet, etc)

Apply to Our Remote QA Automation Jobs

If you’re a QA freelancer and interested in our remote QA automation jobs, email us at! If you have a resume to attach, great — otherwise, you can send your LinkedIn URL. (We know how tedious it can feel when companies ask for both!)