QA Referrals from RecruitersAre you tired of combing through hundreds of LinkedIn profiles, and sending dozens of messages just to get a few replies? Recruiting QA testers isn’t always easy. But now you can say goodbye to hours wasted and hello to quick and easy commissions with our bonuses for QA referrals from recruiters!

We interview, test, and vet our experienced QA all-stars, so your reputation will be in good hands. Oh, and our standards include having stellar client-facing communication on top of technical chops — we’re all about #PeopleSkills.

Looking for a QA Referral Bonus?

Now you can earn commission on both sides. We reward QA referrals from recruiters with a $1,000 bonus for each successful referral! The only work you need to do is mention us to someone in your orbit looking for website or mobile app testing services. Sound good? You can learn more below, or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

How Do Our QA Referral Bonuses Work?

✓  Do you know a person or company in need of QA testing services for a website or mobile app? Tell them about Mindful QA! We provide on-demand manual testing and automated testing services, and all of our workers are located in America. (Learn more about our QA testing services.)

  The person or company you referred signs a new contract with us. (Yay!)

 After the first paycheck from the client is cleared, $1,000 shows up in your bank account.

Easy, right?

Contact QA Company (icon of a computer with an envelope in front of it, and a "new message" badge at top right)


Want to Know More? Contact Us!

We’ll be happy to give you more information about our bonus for QA referrals from recruiters. Need help recruiting on-site QA employees? We also offer QA recruiting services. Contact us below, or call or text us at 310-272-5746.



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