Backup QA Testing Services (QA testers at the beach on vacation)Is one of your QA testers going to be out for maternity/paternity parental leave, FMLA, or vacation? We can help fill the testing gap. With our “pinch-hitter” backup QA services, we can remotely join your team to cover all of your QA needs during your employee’s time away.

All of our testers are located in America, so you won’t have to worry about time zone issues. We can even come on part-time to get up to speed before your worker is out, ensuring smooth QA coverage from beginning to end.

No need to stress about the difficulty of finding someone for a temporary QA engagement. You can plan ahead with Mindful QA! Your employee can also enjoy their time off and come back refreshed, without the added stress of wondering what will happen to their job.

It’s win-win for both you and your employee — with no long-term contracts required!

Need us to cover an employee’s six-month sabbatical? You got it. Only need us for two weeks while your QA lead is in Hawaii? We’re ready for that, too.

We provide manual, automated, API, and performance QA testing services for websites and iOS & Android mobile apps. For any services we don’t provide (such as offshore testing or crowd testing), we have partnerships with other platforms and can get you exclusive discounts. No matter what form of QA testing you need, we have your back. We’re also available on short notice, and can often get started within the same week that you reach out.


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If you have questions about our backup QA coverages, or any of our other QA testing services, we’re here with answers. Find out more about what we bring to the table here, or contact us using the form below. You can also email us at


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