Project Managers often do it all — planning, budgeting, overseeing, and documenting. If you’re a PM, our hats go off to you. It’s no easy feat, and we know how important it is for Project Managers to have reliable, communicative QA.

When you have a lot going on, you need dependable engineering resources – and we want to make you and your team’s lives easier.

QA for Project ManagersCommunication. We cultivate relationships based on being friendly and reliable. No one wants to hear a team member acting surly and short on a standup call. As a Project Manager, you have enough on your plate without having to chase after QA testers to get answers. We’re proactive communicators, whether it comes to reporting bugs or providing regular status updates.

Providing reliable estimates. We’re experienced with weighing in on Agile milestones, and pride ourselves on making our deliverables each Sprint. We can provide estimates and add story points to each ticket, or weigh in on testing needs based on release timelines.

Transparency. Because we’re hired independently from developers, we’re free of conflicts of interest. Our testers will keep you as the Project Manager in the loop throughout the Waterfall or Agile software development life cycle.

Process improvements. We’re experts at building efficient Agile QA processes from the ground up, or optimizing and improving existing processes. We also provide consulting on the Jira QA workflow and best practices.

Keeping clients and stakeholders happy. Our bug reports are clear enough even for less technically-inclined folks to understand (without sacrificing details for developers). We also keep bugs at bay with strong test cases and automated testing services.

Flexible services. We provide manual, automated, API, and performance QA testing services. And best of all, our services are on-demand. So whether your team needs a full-time tester or 20 hours here and there, we have your back.

Oh, and we offer a $1,000 bonus for successful client referrals. Let’s work together!