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Picture depicts city of Los Angeles roads and buildings, including Los Angeles tech recruiter officersWhat do we bring to the table?

Recruitment for Los Angeles QA testers of all types. Whether you need a manual or automated tester, employee (W2) or contractor (1099), website, software, or iOS/Android app testing, we can find your perfect match for any level of experience or technical requirements.

Vast experience hiring QA testers. We regularly hire QA testers ourselves, so we know exactly what to look for. We’re also the top QA recruiting agency in Los Angeles!

Culture + skills. We take personality into account throughout the recruitment process. Even if someone’s professional experience is a home run, we won’t refer them if we don’t respect their interpersonal and communication skills on top of it.

Efficient on-boarding. When you or your client needs a QA tester, it’s often urgent. We can accommodate that! Once we get the necessary information (for example, the job description), we hit the ground running and don’t stop until we’ve found your match.

Fair pricing. Whether you prefer a flat upfront pricing structure or a percentage of future candidate income, we’re flexible.

Candidates for all of LA. Whether you’re in Manhattan Beach or Silicon Beach, all the way up to the Valley – we can find your perfect QA tester.

Need more than QA? We have exclusive partnerships with some of the best tech recruiting agencies in LA. If you’re looking to hire engineers/developers or project managers, we’d be happy to refer you.

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