Mindful QA Mobile SaaS Case Study

How Mindful QA Boosted SaaS Revenue with Mobile Testing


A SaaS app was struggling with negative App Store reviews and declining renewal rates. Mindful QA helped them turn it around.

The Results

+29% subscription renewals

Within two months renewals were up by almost 30%.

+39% App Store star rating average

Within three months the App Store listing average rating went from a 3.1 to a 4.3.

250+ bugs reported

Over the year Mindful QA has tested the app, our tester has reported hundreds of bugs.

The Opportunity

A mobile app with over 250,000 paid customers wanted to stem the tide of bad App Store reviews. The bugs prompting the reviews were also causing users to end their SaaS monthly subscriptions. The client engaged Mindful QA to help find bugs before customers did.

The Strategy

We implemented an ongoing regression testing process aimed at identifying bugs on all common devices – based on real data and customer usage patterns.

iOS & Android Devices
  • We used App and Play Store data and immediately started testing the top 10 most frequently used iPhone and Android devices.
  • We did 85% of testing on the most recent version of iOS and Android, and 15% on the previous version.
User Experience
  • We created a full suite of regression test cases and tested 100% before every major release.
  • We recommended user experience improvements, including making the paywall flow 50% quicker for users to finish.
  • We split focus between functionality + content for existing users, and the onboarding process for new users.
  • We created unique test scenarios for monthly vs. annual subscriptions.

The Benefits

The client was able to secure Series A funding that had been at risk due to issues with quality and customer drop-off rates. Other highlights of our work:

  • Focused testing on the client’s core SaaS model
  • Direct collaboration with the client’s development team, including calls
  • Reporting bugs in the client’s own Jira, Slack, and other internal tools

Leveraging an On-Demand Model

The client knew they needed full time QA, but their funding wasn’t consistent enough to add a new employee to their Engineering team. With our on-demand QA services, they were able to add a full-time tester with peace of mind – knowing that they could cancel virtually anytime if funding became unstable.


The client has engaged Mindful QA full time for over a year, and continues to see their App/Play Store ratings and monthly renewals rise.When they have tight timelines for urgent releases, they often scale up by adding an extra 20-30 hours from an additional Mindful QA tester.

Mindful QA Website Testing Case Study

How Mindful QA Implemented Web Testing to Increase Conversion


Client is a successful fertility clinic with multiple locations. They provide fertility treatments and egg freezing.
They engaged Mindful QA after being unsatisfied with the bugs present on their website, despite their development agency providing testing.


The key issues identified by the client were:
  • Cross-browser/device UI and functionality
  • Broken links due to redirects
  • High number of customer service contacts due to website issues
  • Lack of formal QA process prior to launch of upcoming marketing campaigns

Mindful QA Solutions

We took a custom approach, and implemented a QA process optimized for the client’s specific issues and goals.
Our solutions included:
  • Mapping out a coverage strategy for prioritizing browsers, devices, and OS versions based on real user traffic data
  • Determining the most important pages and functions to automate prior to client’s marketing kickoff
  • Creating hundreds of test cases to ensure full testing coverage
  • Auditing all existing links and creating report of recommended redirects
  • Testing new features and regression testing full site, resulting in over 200 bug reports and user experience recommendations


  • 52% increase in average time spent on page per visitor over 1 month
  • 91% decrease in visitor bug reports to customer service over 6 weeks
  • 41% growth in customer lead form contacts over 2 months


Our workers have tested apps and websites for: